The President’s Speech

A game about storytelling, leadership styles, and dealing with change.

On a sunny summer evening, the whole world is following the news of the presidential elections. After two years of campaigning, five candidates remain. Each has traveled a long distance to the election arena. In tonight’s final battle they are fighting for votes. It’s a close call; the outcome depends on that one final speech. Who will be the next president?

This leadership game stimulates the player’s creativity. On one hand, acting as one of the candidates comes with a certain responsibility to make sure his or her voice is represented well. On the other hand, writing an inspirational speech might make your candidate more popular. And that under circumstances that can change any minute.

Applicable to leadership programs, team building events and change projects.

A Full Agenda

A game about assertiveness, time-management and making the right choices.

How often do you say ‘yes, I’ll take this one’, while you’re already fully occupied? How often do you attend a meeting, while you might had other more important things to do?

This leadership game shows the underlying reasons of saying yes, while you might wanted to say no. In which circumstances we have to say yes? And what circumstances can wait? Players discover their focus points and learn how to say no in a professional manner.

Applicable to time-management workshops, vitality programs and leadership development training.

Discover your hidden leadership qualities - leadership game

Discover Your Hidden Leadership Qualities

A game about the must-have leadership skills, qualities and leadership behavior.

Good leaders help others grow. But to what extent is everybody aware of his or her talent? And to what extent do you use this potential?

This leadership game helps you to discover your hidden leadership skills. Qualities that you or your colleagues might not be aware of. During the game players have to trust each other, take on the lead and let go at the same time.

Applicable to recruitment processes, personal development plans, talent programs and performance reviews.

Leadership game Claim Your Success

Claim Your Success

A game about your personal success and empathic skills.

The more your celebrate successes, the more ordinary it becomes. So you might wonder the impact of celebrating success on work happiness. It is about finding the right balance: what requires a celebration and what not? It is important to know what success means to everyone one a personal level to find the answer to this question. What drives your team? When would they order champaign?

This leadership game calls upon your empathic skills in order to find out what success means to you and to your colleagues. An intensive group forming process starts that leads to the discovery of the ambitions and core value of each player.

Applicable to the development of department plans, group forming, vitality programs.

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