Leadership Game: The President’s Speech

  • A game about storytelling, leadership styles, and dealing with change.
  • Applicable to leadership programs, team building events and change projects.
  • Validated by researchers of the Radboud University.

Play aim

Research published in the Harvard business review shows the importance of choosing the right words in your communication. Your message won’t come across that well when using weak words. And this has a negative impact on motivating others.

The play aim is about writing the speech that leads to victory. It’s about how you tell your story. You’ll experience how you can inspire others, an important leadership skill.

Learning aim

Applying the right leadership style at the right time will activate your team. But what leadership style works when? And what to do when you work across cultures? The learning aim is about recognizing and applying different leadership styles.

That being said, it’s also important to recognize your preferred leadership style. What style fits you as a team lead, supervisor or manager? Is it laissez-faire, transactional, democratic, autocratic or transformational?

Behavioral aim

The world is changing rapidly and we have to adjust more than ever before. The things that make our organization successful today, can diminish tomorrow.

The organizations that will survive are the ones that can rapidly adjust with team members who don’t hesitate to change. However, human beings are creatures of habit and routine. Therefore it is important to develop our ‘changing muscles’. And that’s exactly where the behavioral aim is about.

Leadership Game The President's Speech
The President's Speech Play

‘It is hard to start with your first sentence, but already during the game you find out it goes easier because you are practicing.’

‘A great platform to use my creativity and imagination. Speeches don’t have to be boring at all.’

3-5 players

45-75 minutes


€ 695,00 ex VAT

‘Feeling frustrated and proud during the same game. Nice to play!’

‘It might be straightforward to choose one leadership style that is the best, but maybe it isn’t. Nice way to find out the differences between and advantages of each style.’

The President’s Speech is an experience based leadership game used during leadership programs, team building events, and at the start of change projects.

After purchase you’ll receive the game and a facilitator’s guide with information about additional play settings, workshop examples, underlying theories, follow up suggestions and more. Depending on your location, your order will arrive in approx. 3-5 working days.

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