Leadership game: Discover your hidden leadership qualities

  • A game about the must-have leadership skills, qualities and leadership behavior.
  • Applicable to recruitment processes, personal development plans, talent programs and performance reviews.
  • Based on 100+ personal development plans

Play aim

During the game, you collect your leadership qualities through IQ, EQ, and CQ test questions. Based on these qualities, you receive a score that focuses on how your leadership is manifested. You gain insight into where your talents lie and how you utilize them (or not) within your current or future role.

Learning aim

The learning aim of this game is related to leadership skills. There are various studies demonstrating that successful leaders score high in creativity and empathy, which are known as right-brain driven skills. During the game, you’ll delve into what is considered right and left-brain activities of a successful leader.

Behavioral aim

What role do you take on during the various stages of the game? Because players can’t anticipate in advance what is expected, their true selves emerge. How helpful are you? What influence can you exert? How do you contribute to the flow of the game? Filming this progression provides perfect material for a job interview.

‘Nice to look at yourself from a different perspective.’

‘Thanks for the good input as preparation for my performance review.

‘Now I know that I can afford to be less harsh on myself .

4 players

+/- 60 minutes

695,- excl. VAT

expected release winter 2024

Discover Your Hidden Leadership Qualities is an experience based leadership game used during recruitment processes, for personal development plans and in talent programs.

The game is currently only available in a facilitated workshop setting. However, we expect to release the version for organizations, trainers and other parties by the end of 2024. In this package you’ll receive the game and a facilitator’s guide with information about additional play settings, workshop examples, underlying theories, follow up suggestions and more. Depending on your location, your order will arrive in approx. 3-5 working days. Pre-order now and get notified once the product is available so you can complete your purchase. In the meanwhile we keep you updated about the production process and exact release date.

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