Leadership Game: Claim Your Success

  • A game about work happiness, personal success and your empathy level.
  • Applicable to the development of department plans, group forming and vitality programs.
  • Validated by the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) Master Ludo Didactics.

Play aim

What matters to you? What makes you successful? If you ask a couple of persons what does success mean, you’ll get different answers. It is important to know what success means to you and your colleagues, so you’ll know what to celebrate and what not.

During this leadership game you’ll generate your personal success board. This board provides you guidance in your career and personal life.

Learning aim

The dictionary describes success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. There are positive results. However, if you ask one person about success he or she will refer to a management position, lease car and very good salary. While someone else will refer to somebody who can combine a part-time job with a busy family life very well. And someone else will refer to the entrepreneur who built a succesful company. There are different variations on success and this game teaches you these different types.

Behavioral aim

According to Prof. Jamil Zaki empathy is an important factor in the success of any organisation. It results in more happyness and reduces stress. However, our empathy level nowadays is falling behind.

Leaders are able to rise the empathy level within the organization. And that exactly relates to the behavioral aim of this game. During the game you’ll train your empathy skills on three levels: emotional empathy, cognitive empathy and empathetic care.

“This game is perfect to use for a new team during an introduction day. You’re building good and deep relationships very fast.”

“A very playful way of learning and asking each other personal questions.”

3-4 players

+/- 90 minutes

€ 695,- excl. VAT

expected release june 2024

“Only now I understand what the other is thinking and the reason for certain behavior and reactions.”

“The game showed me what life is really about.”

Claim Your Success is an experience based leadership game used in vitality programs, in group forming processes, and during the development of department plans.

The game is currently only available in a facilitated workshop setting. However, we expect to release the version for organizations, trainers and other parties in june 2024. In this package you’ll receive the game and a facilitator’s guide with information about additional play settings, workshop examples, underlying theories, follow up suggestions and more. Depending on your location, your order will arrive in approx. 3-5 working days. Pre-order now and get notified once the product is available so you can complete your purchase. In the meanwhile we keep you updated about the production process and exact release date.

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