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About Velites Leadership Games

Velites, founded in 2018 by Ciska Harte-Hoogervorst, develops behavior driven workshops, personal development paths and games focused on developing leadership skills.

We develop all our products and services are from the strong belief that the success of the organization depends for a big part on the level of leadership within that organization.

And in this case leadership doesn’t stop at C-level. Instead, the leadership skills at all levels within the organization influence its results.

It’s therefore that we’ll work together with people from all kind of layers within the organization, such as management teams, brand new team leaders, and talents within the organization who don’t have an ambition to lead a team per se.

We played the game claim your success and it was a great success! It is an interesting game with a lot of interaction and reflection where we learned what success is for each of us. Ciska is a great game master who helped where needed but also made sure we found our own way during the game. This game will help us in our daily job as we know better what everyone in the team wants to achieve!

Anne – Snr. Category Analyst Food Benelux

Thanks for your insights. My inner critic tells me how to improve myself all the time. But today, while we played the game ‘Discover your Hidden Leadership Qualities’, I started to focus on my talents. Next time, I’ll take definitely a different approach at my personal development plan and that of the team, focussing on my strenghts, instead of my weak points.

Patricia – Team Supervisor

Also known from…

Ciska is a person you will always remember. She is clever, a good listener, an analytical thinker, but mostly a real ‘people-person’. Getting to the root-cause quickly, Ciska isn’t afraid of pointing out the elephant in the room. She has a strong focus on team creation and improving teams’ performance. Ciska will be of added value to any organization.

Tom – Head of Procurement

The shiftleaders grew personally during the leadership training in a very positive way. They improved their leadership skills very well. They became better managing the team and are really in control. Also, the collaboration between the different teams got a postive boost.

Arjen – Operations Manager




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